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The GRID conducts due-diligence on prospective grantees and prepares a customized Investment Opportunity report and assessment, as described below:

Investment Opportunity Report

The Investment Opportunity Report is a four-page briefing that highlights the findings from due-diligence conducted on the proposed project. It includes the project design, grantee's track record, project objectives, budget, financial analysis of past use and source of funds, a review of the leadership, independent references, risk analysis and the objective opinion of the researcher.

Assessment Report

The Assessment Report is produced six weeks after the funded project concludes. It includes information measuring the effect of the intervention on the beneficiary and community - both analyzed against the expected results. It also includes a financial summary that compares the actual-verses-budgeted expenditures, photographs of beneficiaries and their testimonies, and the researcher's independent opinion of the project and recommendations for the future.

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