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The GRID is a trusted service provider that helps our clients (donors and charities) think strategically about their philanthropy. To clients, such as The Anglican Relief and Development Fund, we deliver customized research using a variety of techniques and methods to assist in achieving mutually identified goals that improve the effectiveness of implementing partners.

How do I find the opportunities that are right for me?
Delivering Your Hopes

The GRID works closely with donors to discover and understand their specific passions and purposes in giving. The GRID works with donors of all types, each unique in their approach and plans. Whatever your particular passions, The GRID is committed to helping make your hope for Christian ministry a reality. Our research and advisory teams bring a wealth of experience. Through this network, The GRID can provide you with “local” knowledge and a depth of insight for projects around the world. We also provide a 4-category grid to help you understand the primary ways in which each of these projects engage people with God’s Word.

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