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Your Best Giving

What do I need for great investing? Guidance for Your Best Giving

Great giving begins with great passion. It’s founded on strong prayer matched with strong understanding. Effective giving is focused and clear, and never blind. It is intent on making a difference in places of profound and deep need. But great giving is more than hopeful. It needs to be well guided.


Great giving requires:

  • Clear understanding of the problem

  • Clear understanding of what has been tried and failed

  • Clear understanding of what can be offered for lasting impact.


The GRID provides this kind of impact philanthropy research and counsel. We offer in-depth analysis of specific local opportunities that align with current best practices. We evaluate projects for outcomes. We identify proven, grass-root solutions. We show you the lives you can touch. Through this process, The GRID unearths critically needed knowledge, offered to you in a range of investment-grade reports.

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